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CerebralLink is the pioneer in bringing Video Analytics to Bangladesh. We are a spinoff from Nirvana group of industries, a diverse collection of companies including construction materials, manufacturing, natural gas, retail and distribution, and organic farming/eco-tourism. The Nirvana Group of industries was started in 2006 and currently employs 500+ people in Bangladesh. Monwar Hossain, the Managing Director of Nirvana Group and Shahran Haider, the Managing Director of L.A. Care Health Plan (largest public health insurance company in USA) co-founded CerebralLink to address the growing need for improving physical security using intelligent software systems. We are a systems integrator that builds complete surveillance systems by combining sophisticated video analytics with central monitoring, central storage capabilities and integrating with other physical security systems such as access control and fire safety devices. Our current clients are in the Banking, Garments (clothes manufacturing), Retail, Utilities, and Government sectors. Our services start from security consultations to designing the architecture of the surveillance system, building and deploying the surveillance infrastructure and providing ongoing support and maintenance for all aspects of the entire security infrastructure.


Chief Executive Officer

A successful entrepreneur for more than a decade, founding and leading four companies ranging from renewable energy to construction materials manufacturing



Analytics visionary with 14 years of experience in helping Fortune 500 companies deliver multi-million dollar process improvements through the use of sophisticated analytics.


Chief Advisor

Pioneered the introduction of personal computers to Bangladesh.


Our company is based on the foundation of trust. Each and every team member is critical to our operation and we operate with an unbreakable bond. Our mission is to provide the highest value solutions and absolute best experience for our clients. We will earn your trust one project a time.


Every CerebralLink deliverable is subjected to the highest quality standards to ensure that it meets your exacting needs. Anything less than the best is not good enough for you or for us.


Innovation is a pre-requisite to success. Our world demands innovation and we live by it. Innovation for us means continuous improvement and finding new solutions to old problems.


We know there are many choices in the market and selecting a partner can be difficult. Our business model has been engineered to deliver maximum value – the selection of the most talented global resources, the most cost-effective technologies, and proven rapid development methodologies allow us to exceed your expectations on every project.